About Tandem

Tandem began in March 2000 as a partnership of two Graphic Designers who were keen to offer creative and professional design services in a relaxed and friendly setting.


At Tandem, Rachel and Mike work together on each project, bringing complementary skills to the table...


Mike Bavistock

Mike’s design philosophy is summarized by two timeless ideas – 'form follows function' and 'less is more'.


He’s Tandem’s resident web geek, with diverse skills in concept development, content editing and website production know-how.

Mike has a knack for mixing the creative and the technical. He is able to produce user-friendly designs within the complex world of online media.

Rachel Arthur

Rachel has a creative and intuitive approach to design, and to life in general.

While she doesn’t take herself too seriously, she’s passionate about finding the right creative solution for each individual project.


She not only provides regular comic relief around the studio (and makes an awesome latte) she also manages Tandem’s print work. She’ll steer you straight for any printed items you may need from business cards to banners. Her eye for detail means every project is professionally managed from start to finish.